Sunday, January 2, 2011

lovaholics straps

ni bukan first time alice wat handmade.
but then before this,
alice stop wat online business,
since kinda busy with final exam.
( haihh camna la result aku yek , )

entry kali ni,
nak show sket kerja alice jahit menjahit.
++ of course bnd ni untuk di jual.

nak panggil bnd ni as


shape die of course la heart  shape.
boleh request any colour :)
any design :)
+ boleh buat as keychain and handphone strap

 jom view!

hot pink
RM4 each

( ada tiny buttons, ++ alice terletak lebih fiber, hee. )

RM 4

light pink
RM 4

reddish !
RM 4


and also,
alice d jual jugak
banyakbanyak kaler!
RM 1.50 each
size a4

green , light pink, hot pink, white, brown, red, blue, yellow , and black!

rm1.50 each

to order
just email

alice alyssa

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